The Best Bit: Poems and News

2022 was a bumper year for publications for me. Below are my anthologies of 2022.

Above: Land of Change anthology is a vibrant collection of writing and art from Wales today, published by Culture Matters. Featuring one of my paintings and a piece of prose, the collection is a political and social commentary, an empowering read. Ed. by Gemma June Howell.

Above: I was so pleased to hear that I’d made the longlist for the Dai Fry Mystical Poetry competition. The subsequent anthology of winners is compiled in the collection Sun-Tipped Pillars of Our Hearts from Black Bough Poetry, a fitting tribute to a fine Welsh poet and a friend to many.

Above: I’m so pleased to have a poem in this powerhouse of an anthology of Welsh writing in English. Published by Culture Matters, edited by Welsh poetry legend Mike Jenkins.

Above: I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard that my first short story would be published in this brilliant collection of writing from Wales’ best female crime writers. Published by the fine people at Honno, with huge thanks to editors Katherine Stansfield and Caroline Oakley.

Above: Me, reading at the launch of A470 in Cardiff Library which was the first in-person reading at the library since the pandemic began. It was good to be back!

I have a poem about my Art College days in the collection ‘A470: Poems for the Road,’ the first bilingual anthology of poetry from Arachne Press. And what a collection it is! A road that stretches the length of Wales must have as many tales to tell as passengers upon it. In these pages, writers reveal snatches of their lives, their preoccupations and their view, as they travel from Cardiff to Llandudno and everywhere in between.

The Poetry Archive Wordview 2020 Competition Winner!

I was absolutely gobsmacked to have been a winner in the Poetry Archive’s first ever WordView 2020 Competition. Hear my entry below:

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin

If you enjoy listening to poetry, check out my You Tube channel where you’ll hear me reading. Here’s one of my favourites from Teaching a Bird to Sing.

Bloody Amazing! wins Saboteur Award for best anthology 2021

Launched on World Menopause Day, ‘Bloody Amazing!’ is a taboo-breaking anthology from Yaffle Press and Beautiful Dragons, edited by Gill Lambert and Rebecca Bilkau.
Read my poem First Spell, inside.

Catch me in …

I’ve four new poems in this wonderful, bumper issue of The Lonely Crowd. Read the story behind the poems in my article on the website.

Christmas Poem

I’m thrilled that a little piece of writing that’s very close to my heart is to be published in the wonderful Ink, Sweat and Tears for their ’12 Days of Christmas’ feature. And on Christmas Day, no less! Look out for a link on the big day. (Or shortly afterwards – hic!)

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